Saturday, March 22, 2008

Second Life Second Chance

My friend Wynnter is left of center, hybrid of red dress and nuclear rave sticks. I am china hat and bugs bunny Tshirt, right of center.

So since I have my new laptop now, which is tres fast and has marvelous 3d capabilities, I decided to log my old character Happ MacDonald back on to SL and see how things were going.

Apparently much better than when I left.

Population is up. Lag is down. I still crash every hour or so, but it's gotten worthwhile enough to log back on.

The best part is: Textures and world will load in no more than 60 seconds or so now! That's less warming up than my car needs in the morning.

The other best part is: Voice chat!

Apparently not many people have microphones. Of those that do, not many are brave enough to use them. So if you can speak with ease into the mic, you suddenly become one of the top 2% coolest people in the room. Since most rooms have less than 50 people, you're essentially running the show.

Easy, hunh? ;)

Get chatting with folks who also use voice chat (even if they only hear you and type back) and the experience becomes much more immersive. No more typing, reading subtitles, and navigating all at the same time. You're just .. there. Maxin' and relaxin'.

Today I showed up in a treehouse containing dancing furries. (Lufia? Luftballoons? What was the place called..) They were playing Radio Nigel (sweet!). I join in, a friend of mine from last night follows me in, and the floodgates just open up. I've attached a pic of what things got to. Apparently I was the only one rendering at upwards of 6 FPS, but it was fun. :)

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