Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quasi .. stopped smoking?

Trackback to Sally Cruikshank: MAGIC CLAMS

There's been a debate going on as to Quasi being in any newer Sally Cruikshank films.
I don't know if fate wants to bring him back, but trying to recreate the voice sounded fun.

So I tracked down the crazy ol' duck, he had this to say over the phone. Though, it sure sounds like he's given up smoking? oy gevalt!

All in all the excersize was straightforward, I just took the best sounding take from 3 tries. I also spliced together pretty much all of his original dialog as reference. He has a grand total of like 40 seconds of voice time between Quackadero and Psychic.

So that's that, I feel better now. :)


Namowal said...

Good heavens! You've pulled the big Q. out of a time hole.
I'll bake a chocolate cake. Or at least get him a pack of Ding Dongs out of the vending machine. ;)

Sally said...

eek, how do I open an ogg file?

and do you know how to write switch/case with regular expressions?

Linda said...

Hey, wait a minute! I must hear this. Yeah, what the heck is an ogg file?

Jesse said...

Oh em gee, I thought everyone had already heard it and voted down. My bad. :)

Ogg is great, it's like Mp3 but better compression and open source (mp3 is patented and all) That and I couldn't get the Mp3 encoder to work at 4am.

Apparently Ogg Vorbis has a website, there is an easy to install plugin there for Windows Media Player to play ogg files.

Or, better still, if you are adventurous like me you can chuck Windows Media Player right out the window and opt for Media Player Classic instead. It has a link on the same page (it's a zip file with an exe, no installer needed).

I've been using MPC since last millenium so, I didn't realize ogg was that unusual. soz ;)