Sunday, March 23, 2008

As discussed with Namowal..

As discussed with Namowal, I decided to try the "draw an illustration about a song while the song is playing" routine.

My first suggestion in the game was to pick a song coming up on the radio, you'd have no preconception or preperation, making it more impromptu.

I tried that: but I kept getting crappy songs and had to wait through them. :(

So I gave up and just pulled an mp3 of mine. :)

The other suggestion we were discussing was to not name the song when we show the picture, see if people can guess the song. So I'll do that.

This is pencil on paper, colors inverted and levels adjusted in photoshop.

Namowal said you could leave clues in the picture. I tried, but I think you'll find all my clues are visually indecipherable. ;)

Let's see if this is guessable? (or just horrible?)

Thanks guys :)


Namowal said...

Here's some that come to mind:
"Every Breath You Take" by the Police
('cause he's watching someone)

"Number Nine Dream" by John Lennon
('cause there's a number nine on her back)

"You Belong in the City" by Glen Frey
(City and sunset featured in the lyrics)

"Stormy" by Classics IV
(Looks like rough weather)

Jesse said...

Wow, I only know some of those songs. :)

Let me decipher some of the visual symbolism..

Much to Linda's chagrin, the far person has a heart on their shirt
At the bottom of the chasm is a badly drawn clock. I get the feeling more clocks will be thrown down there.

Aaaaand to everyone's chagrin, the song is from the mid-nineties. :]

Namowal said...

Mid 90s, eh?
Oddly, I'm not as familiar with contemporary music, compared to stuff from the 1980s and earlier.
I know there's a song about clocks (or time) by coldplay. Is that it?

Linda said...

I was going to say:
"Black is Black"?

"Someone left the cake out in the rain"?

That's before I realized the cake was a clock.

hmmm...I'll be back later.

p.s. But you do know you're supposed to offer a prize to the winner, don't you?

Jesse said...

Groovy idea, what sort of prize might you folks like to has?
A drawing, second life sculpture, a moneys? Flash work? I'd offer voice acting but we saw how well that was received. XD

So no guesses near the mark yet. Another clue is the lack of crashing satellites. They simply aren't there! See, it's a negative space clue :)

Linda said...

I'm delivering a comment from Stray G, (she doesn't have a public blog acc't so isn't able to post here)

"My first thought was "time keeps on slipping, slipping" (fly like an eagle), but I don't think that's mid-90s. This time frame is difficult for us baby boomers! Any prize is appreciated. And Linda must illustrate "macarthur park"!"

from L: Jesse, you can offer any prize you wish. Just wanted to make sure you knew the rules. Contest no good without prize. If I were the lucky winner, here are some things that would appeal to me: chocolate, Flash tutoring (Half hour or 15 minutes?), Indian bead belt ...

Jesse said...

I think I fixed the commenting problem.

Fly like an Eagle (The Eagles) is from the seventies. Good guess though. :)

I don't know what an Indian bead belt is? XD Chocolate sounds like the easiest thing to do. I think the flower delivery places can deliver chocolate too, right?

Namowal said...

Hmmmm.... I wished I'd payed more attention to music in the mid 90s.
I'm drawing a blank with the clocks.
Maybe it will come to me when I least expect it.

Jesse said...

I think a blank would be oodles of fun to draw. :)

Anyway, I need more drawing skills as I'm no good with faces. I obviously didn't include any here, actually for fear of drawing a wild-eyed beast.

sal said...

Time by Hootie and the Blowfish--
I enlisted the help of my student worker

stray g said...

If it's right, Danielle gets the prize.

Jesse said...

(collapsed Stray's double comment)

Nope, in fact.. was that even a single? I looked up "Time" and don't remember hearing it in teh 90's.

Have you put any thought into where the badly-drawn clock is located? :D And why would that vicinity fill up?

Well, keep at it guys!
I've got all the time for you, love.

Sally said...

oh yeah, that's:
"I saw her standing on the cliff of dreams~
while time's tornado passed me by."
yeah,yeah yeah. It's by Prince, and that's Prince in the foreground. Where's my See's candy?

what? You don't know that song?

Jesse said...

ROFL.. you realize google has never heard of this song by Prince that you mention? ;)

Also I don't know how many lyrics I'll have to use in these comments before someone finally guesses it?

In the meantime this is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you.

stray g said...

Every time I think about Sally C's comment, I laugh out loud hysterically.

sal said...

The Space Between -- Dave Matthews!
thank god for google and jesse's hints

stray g said...

you gave that away, so no need to call for chocolate delivery!!!
it was fun just playing anyway
oh how i googled and googled

linda said...

No fair! I shudda won! I thought of it first. Sally C, do you really like See's? Better than Bissinger's?

Jesse said...

Haha it did go on for awhile didn't it?

I'll make up a new one though, I'll try to make it something you lot are more likely to have listened to at some point. :D

Sally said...

yeah, something from the 1920s. Linda, since I've tasted See's in the last month, and Bissingers not for 20 years, have to put See's at the top. Especially those nuts and chews.

I sent my mother a box of woodhouse chocolates. Looked really pretty but tasted much too weird for us.

stray g said...

I can see where those lovely chocolates would look almost like those lovely little soaps. Hey -- is that why they tasted weird?